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Other services offered based on direct experience


Evaluation of inventions and innovations to provide business advice regarding intellectual property protection such as patents. This advice is based on firsthand experience with the innovation process from initial concept through national and international patenting to defense of patents. We have a clear understanding of the cost, timetable, value, maintenance, and other requirements of patents. This service is of greatest value when it is applied as early as possible in the innovation process when there are the highest number of options open and can minimize sunk-costs.


Owners Engineer

We can provide cost-effective and experienced oversight of projects from start to finish including vendor selection, contracting strategy, specification development, design review, construction oversight, punch-list, final finishing, testing, and operation. 


Evaluation of equipment and systems including on-site inspection and paper evaluation to assist in understanding and resolving performance, reliability, and longevity problems.

Condition Assessments

Field inspection of existing equipment to systematically determine and document condition and state-of-repair.

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